Mulot Naval

 Aluminum pleasure Boat for Fishing

Discover our aluminum boats.

Their aluminum hull resists shock, friction and requires little maintenance.

Moreover, these boats can be adapted to your needs.

[dticon ico=”icon-shield” size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon]  A RESISTANT SHELL

The Mulot Naval shipyard offers a range of aluminum boats with a high-quality aluminum shell.

[dticon ico=”icon-arrows-cw-outline” size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon]  AN ECONOMIC BOAT

The Arkal range is ideal for fishing and boardwalk, with its outboard engine and hull shape allowing the boat to lift off from the water quickly and thus to save fuel, it can also beacher without problem.

[dticon ico=”icon-anchor-2″ size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon]  Spacious deck

The layout of this boat is customizable according to your desires. This boat will be suitable for fishermen thanks to its large, uncluttered deck which facilitates the movement on board the boat and the storage of equipment. The boat can be equipped with rod holders and a livewell.

[dticon ico=”icon-ok-6″ size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon]  A VERSATILE BOAT

This open boat is a good compromise for your leisure activities such as water skiing, wake, fishing …