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[dticon ico=”icon-lifebuoy-1″ size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon] Safe aluminum boat

No more stress when going out at sea with its rugged aluminum hull, it resists shocks and friction.
The width of the gangways, the height of the freeboards and the presence of many handrails guarantee a great serenity on board.

[dticon ico=”icon-anchor-2″ size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon]  FISHING BOAT

The fishing trips will be a breeze, the sleek deck makes it easier to travel aboard the boat.
Many facilities are available for fishing such as rod holders, fish tanks, storage boxes …

[dticon ico=”icon-sun-1″ size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon]  BOAT OF RELAXATION

Its many options such as benches and front cockpit table, sunbathing, awning, swim ladder … bring comfort on board.

[dticon ico=”icon-person” size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon]  BOAT FOR PROFESSIONALS

The Mulot shipyard builds oyster and mussel aluminum barges allowing all professionals of the sea to exploit their productions in complete safety.

[dticon ico=”icon-compass-1″ size=”size-sm” style=”square”][/dticon] AN ACCOMPANIED NAVAL PROJECT

Mulot Naval takes care of all the stages of your project, from the conception to the delivery of the boat, everywhere in the world.