History of MULOT

Boat manufacturer for more than 20 years

All of our vessels are manufactured in our shipyard located in La Tremblade, Charente Maritime.

Oyster and mussel farmers are the main driver of our customer base and have supported the development of our knowledge and experience.

Mulot equipment is present in all growing regions of France. We export our materials and equipment for the shellfish industry to processors and aquaculturists  in 25 countries around the world.

The confidence of our customers represents the best publicity in the shellfish world, where everyone knows each other. The company MULOT, a team of professionals of the sea.

“MULOT, the answer to your needs”


mulot sas histoire

In 1971, Christian Mulot strat  the business by himself in a workshop of 50 m², he takes over the ironwork of his former apprentice master.

Initially the machines were made of mild steel and then painted. Today, they are made of-galvanized steel. Stainless steel or marine grade aluminium, depending upon upon the application.

Christian Mulot starts the production of material for oyster culture ahter the epidemic of the Portuguese oyster, at this time the industry is being resurrected by the introduction of the Japanese oyster.


histoire mulot sas

In the 1972, the company is present at the first oyster material exhibition at La Tremblade.



From 1980 to 1990, Christian continues to develop his market with solutions French oyster producers.


constructeur de bateau aluminium

In 1987, MULOT diversifies to enter the mussel farming and processing industry. The facility is expanded and an electrical workshop is created.



In 1994, Patrice Mulot,  Christian’s son, enters the company.

This is how everything accelerates and the company soon grows from 15 employees to 47.


constructeur de bateau aluminium

In 2002, with limited space for their various production activities, Mulot moves to a new location in the industrial zone allowing for the separation of divisions.

Thus 3 buildings are created :After sales service, shipbuilding and SAS Mulot.

In March 2011, following the tsunami that devastated Japan, it is impossible for the company to remain insensitive to the disaster.

Patrice Mulot is the initiator of the operation “France-o-kaeshi” and decides to send 6 tons of material by air. This aid is intended to help the oyster farmers who have lost all their equipment to rebuild.

Thus many professionals in the field are mobilized because everyone knows the role of the Japanese in the resurrection of the French industry.Today, the company MULOT is present in all growing areas of France. They export their material and equipment to sellfish producers in 25 countries around the world :

France, Morocco, Algeria, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Canada, United States, Brazil, Tahiti, Greece, Italy, Spain, Philippines, Tunisia, England, Belgium, Scandinavian countries, Australia …

“The  trust of our customers is the best  publicity in the world of shellfish, where everyone knows each other.” The company MULOT, a team of professionals for professionals of the sea.

“MULOT SAS, the answer to your needs”