Arkal 500

Dimensions Hors ToutL 18' x W 7'6"
Dimensions CoqueL 16'2" x W 7'
Tirant d'eau max1'
Réservoir capacité100 litres
Constructionaluminium 5086 H111 (Marine quality)
Poids estimatif sans moteur
(coque non moussée)
660 Kg
Poids estimatif sans moteur
(coque moussée)
766 Kg
Catégorie de navigationC
Nombre de personnes maxi4
Puissance moteur maximale115CV
Puissance moteur conseillée90CV
Qualité de contructionThe welds are made according to the MIG / TIG process
Certified welders by VERITASCV


  Aluminium boat for fishing and cruising

These many options make it a perfect boat for fishing thanks to its livewell, rod holders and storage spaces, but also for walks with its seating, its dining table which once lowered turns into a sundeck and its bimini.

  Agile and robust boat

ARKAL 500 is the smallest of the ARKAL range, this 5-meter outboard is easy to transport on a trailer.
It also offers good stability with several people on the same side thanks to its fully foamed hull which makes the boat unsinkable. Its hull shape provides good stability in navigation and allows it to lift out of the water quickly for fuel economy.

  A spacious deck

With a nice space of circulation around its central console, the displacements on board are facilitated.
Its aluminum deck remains timeless and facilitates maintenance.

  Customizable interior design

Its many options make it a very personal outboard. Arkal 500 can be adapted to all your programs, both for fishing and cruising.

  Video of aluminium boat

  Durability and environment

Its aluminum hull will provide unparalleled longevity, low maintenance and will not deteriorate over time. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and is fully recyclable at end of life. It generates little secondary pollution because it requires little maintenance.


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