Arkal 700

Dimensions Hors ToutLong. 7m64 x Larg 2m60
Dimensions CoqueLong. 6m95 x Larg. 2m95 x Haut. 1m20
Tirant d'eau max0m38
Réservoir capacité120 litres
ConstructionAluminium 5086 H111 (Qualité Marine)
Poids estimatif sans moteur
(coque non moussée)
920 Kg
Poids estimatif sans moteur
(coque moussée)
1080 Kg
Catégorie de navigationC
Nombre de personnes maxi8
Puissance moteur maximale250CV
Puissance moteur conseillée225CV
Qualité de contructionSoudures réalisées selon le procédé MIG/TIG
Soudeurs agréés VERITASCV


Aluminum jet boat

Arkal 700

ARKAL 700 is the largest model in the ARKAL range.
It has a lot of storage and can accomodate up to 8 persons.
Equipped with ample space around its central console, ARKAL also offers good stability with several people onboard thanks to its fully foamed hull which makes it unsinkable. Its hull shape allows it to quickly plane off the water for fuel economy.
To further customize your boat and if you want an option that is not listed below, feel free to contact us to submit your idea. We will make the necessary changes to fit your needs.