Constructionaluminium 5086 H111 (Qualité marine) 5mm ep
Qualité de contructionSoudures réalisées selon le procédé MIG / TIG
Soudeurs agréés VERITASCV


Aluminum work boat

We manufacture work boats for professionals. Our work boats are certified “professional” by the maritime administration.

Two versions have already been made:


  Cargo ship

The first version is a boat that is intended for the maintenance of an anchorage area. It is able to move dead bodies.
It has several options: additional buoyancy chambers, stem, storage box, foldable ladder, push bar, capstan, central well, retractable shelf …

Port Maintenance Boat

The second version, a small boat to make repairs in a harbor. It has been designed in collaboration with the harbor maintenance agents to best meet their needs.

  Video of workboat